Southern Star Ranch Peanut Detector Dogs are not only fully trained in peanut detection, but also have impeccable manners and obedience. When you get a Peanut Detector Dog from Southern Star Ranch, you will be trained by our staff in all aspect of the dog; health, safety, leadership, obedience, house manners, manners in public, peanut detection, etc.

The Peanut Dog will be a gentle, loving, trust-worthy and devoted companion to you and your family. Your Peanut Dog will greet guests in your home and discreetly scan them for residual peanut odor, minimizing the chance of contamination. Groceries, purchased articles, library books, etc. can also be scrutinized by your Peanut Dog.

When you go out, your Peanut Dog can accompany you to public places, scan your friends, food and environment for peanut contamination, and let you know if any is detected. Afterwards, your Peanut Dog will settle down at your side, or take a nap while you eat, work or visit with friends.