Dogs enjoy an incredible sense of smell. In fact they can smell odors 1,000 times better than any human being. By teaching a dog to perform a certain behavior when they are exposed to a tiny, almost non-exsistent amount of the odor they are trained to detect, these creatures can become amazing tools for their handlers whether serving as personal detection dogs, narcotics dogs, arson dogs, search and rescue dogs or even termite dogs!

Southern Star Ranch has been training detection dogs of many kinds for years and have proudly placed service dogs with individuals and law enforcement agencies around the country and abroad.


Narcotic Detector Dogs are trained to detect many types of narcotics in a variety of situations and search environments. They are hearty, active dogs which are generally too hyper to make good house pets. Their work is a game, and when they win, they get rewarded. Although they have no concept that they are helping in the ‘War on Drugs’ by taking drugs and drug dealers off the streets, they take their work very seriously because they love the game. Narcotic Dogs are typically placed with Police or Sheriff Departments, School Systems, or private security companies.

Accelerant Detector Dogs are often referred to as ‘Arson Dogs’. They are trained to detect accelerants. These dogs are used by fire investigators working with fire departments, private fire investigation companies or insurance companies. When searching fire sites, the Accelerant Dogs assist the investigators in locating accelerants. The locations and patterns of these finds help to determine if a fire was started by arsonists. Like the Narcotic Dogs, they love their work and ‘playing the game’.

Termite Detector Dogs are trained to detect termites. Because of their keen sense of smell, they can detect termites in places that, outwardly, show no visible signs of their presence. This makes them an invaluable tool for the termite inspector. Although Termite Dogs are one of the more recent applications for detection work, they are fast becoming popular in the pest control industry as news of their value spreads.